By joining Coexister France you are taking part in a project to build a better way of living together, with a view to active coexistence. Membership is the starting point for any activism or support for a cause. It is the means of demonstrating a commitment in a concrete and visible way. Members are proof that the association has a purpose and that its message is meaningful.


Members are the foundation of the association, and their membership fees enable the association to be more financially autonomous, making it possible to set up small or large-scale projects. The greater the number of members, the more ‘clout’ the association will have, and the greater the value of our projects.


Being a member of the Coexister association also means :
– Supporting a project that promotes social cohesion,
– Talking about the movement to younger generations,
– Receive invitations to association events,
– Receiving the association’s newsletter,
– Being invited to the Annual General Meeting once a year,

For those who wish to do so, you can also become an active member of the association:
– Be between 15 and 35 years old,
– Be involved in the association as a project leader,
– Contribute your skills to the association,
– Participate in committee and team meetings,
– Participate in the life of the association.

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